About us

At SaveCarCoach, our love for cars goes beyond just business. It’s deeply personal. From our genuine passion for automobiles to our dedication to top-notch service, we’ve been driven by the joy of helping people find the car that suits them best. Our story isn’t just about buying and selling; it’s about connecting, understanding, and ensuring everyone gets their perfect drive.


More than twenty years ago, our founder set out with a vision, creating one of Amsterdam’s top driving schools. It was more than just teaching people the rules of the road. It was a deep dive into understanding the nuances of different cars and appreciating their unique characteristics. From understanding performance dynamics to gauging comfort levels, this hands-on experience with a range of cars offered a unique perspective into the car world.

Expat community

Our founder always had a clear vision: to support expats in Amsterdam with the nuances of driving in a new country. From understanding local traffic rules, converting or obtaining a driver’s license, to selecting and purchasing the right car, SaveCarCoach is here to guide expats through each step, making the transition smoother and more manageable.


Through the years, we’ve acquired a wealth of knowledge that extends beyond just cars. We’ve become experts in areas like insurance and essential logistics. Our broad ties with garages and professionals in the automotive world emphasize our significant standing in the industry.

Choose us for a journey that not only provides a car but ensures a personalized, seamless experience from start to finish.

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